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Prompt Post No. 2
norse_kink wrote in norsekink
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Loki/Tony Stark/Steve Rogers


2011-06-02 11:21 am (UTC)

Iron Man and Captain America double-penetrating Loki? Do want.

Welcome to Midgard, kid.

Re: Loki/Tony Stark/Steve Rogers


2011-06-02 02:23 pm (UTC)

Do want indeed, please.
Want this filled, that we does.

Re: Loki/Tony Stark/Steve Rogers


2011-06-02 04:41 pm (UTC)

kjahakhf;ajfeoljfaefi I was just thinking about this yesterday. DO WANT

of mischief and misbegotten moments 1/3


2011-06-02 09:55 pm (UTC)

Do hope this is to OP's taste. Loki turned out to be, well, Loki.


The problem is, even when his blood is evenly distributed throughout his body, Tony Stark never really thinks things through. His mind is like a speeding train, it is. On good days. On bad days, it's a speeding runaway train caught on fire.

It's not that he's drunk, because he's not, really, and that's gonna make it even worse in the morning.

He wasn't drunk when he recognized the lithe dark-haired man sitting on a secluded corner of his favorite bar and decided to buy him a fucking drink. Hell, no, he was tripping on the dumbfounded looks of both Steve and Loki himself when he seated himself across the table from Loki, pulling Steve along to sit beside him. Though come to think of it, Loki didn't exactly look surprised, but... mildly amused?

Yeah, that should have tipped him off.

A large number and variety of Earth beverages later, Tony has learned some valuable things. At least at that time, they seem so. He learns that Asgardians, or gods, or extra dimensional beings or whatever the fuck Loki is, must have two goddamned hollow legs, because Loki keeps smiling that infuriatingly composed smile well after Tony himself starts feeling the happy buzz of liquor. And he learns that Super Soldier Serum does absolutely zit to keep you from getting wasted, because Steve is wasted. Also, he learns that Steve is a very affectionate, if somewhat possessive drunk. Which is why Tony now finds himself under the dual assault of Steve's tongue laving his neck and Loki's eyes languidly watching them from across the table.

And, well, you don't get into a shiny red and gold armored suit and go fighting evil across the globe without being something of an exhibitionist. Tony is more than something of an exhibitionist. Tony is an exhibitionist who's getting very, very hard under Loki's serene stare.

Loki, smiling at them like a cat watching the mice play, his eyes pools of clear green under dark lashes, long fingers occasionally brushing a stray lock of hair into place, so composed that you really have to wonder what kinds of things he's seen or done before, to sit there without a hint of embarrassment or squeamishness while the two Avengers make out in front of him.

And when Tony thinks things can't get any worse - or better, because Tony’s messed up like that -, they do. Because Loki scoots over the wide leather bench to close the distance between them, and Tony opens his mouth to, well, say something only to have Loki's soft lips close in on his, Loki's tongue snaking in to tangle with his.

Tony's last thought is that he's the only one of the three that's only human and therefore he's the one most vulnerable and to whom the least blame should be attributed.

None of this will matter to the very long line of people who will want to kill him, repeatedly, if they ever know about this. One of whom just might be Steve himself.

of mischief and misbegotten moments 2/3


2011-06-02 09:56 pm (UTC)

Of course, come morning Tony will tell himself - and that will be the official version - the three of them only ended up in a tangle of naked limbs in Tony's bed, because he wanted to wipe that damn smile from Loki's face. He's not quite sure how Steve is getting along with this, save that Steve's usual annoyance at Loki has, for the moment, turned into something very dark that Tony has no intent on approaching. In fact, right now Loki is too busy deep-throating Steve, and Steve is too busy fisting his hands on Loki's dark locks, so Tony is content to rut against Loki's thighs, rough hands palming Loki's impossibly perfect skin.

But Loki remains Loki and, disentangling himself from their bodies, moves upward to straddle Steve's hips, a jar of lube materializing in his hand.

Well isn't that handy dandy, Tony thinks, but then Loki leans forward, managing both to rub against Steve's swollen member, bringing another moan to his lips, and to give Tony an unobstructed view of his elegant, lean fingers covered in lube and delving into his own tight flesh. Tony moans aloud before he can help himself. Loki turns back to look at him, impossibly agile, adding a third, then a - fourth? fuckohgodohgodohgod - finger deeper into his ass. And he winks at Tony.

In that moment, Tony swears never again to bitch at Thor whenever he’s having a fit over his brother’s latest antics.

He's reminded that Steve is still present, conscious and willing by Steve's hands settling on Loki's hips, impatiently guiding him over his unattended erection. Loki removes his fingers with a wet sucking sound, and impales himself in Steve's not unimpressive cock in one fluid motion, drawing out moans from all three men.

They are so beautiful together that Tony is content to watch their bodies move, Loki's lean pale frame rising and falling on Steve's strong thighs, Steve's cock disappearing into Loki's tight ass until his dark gold curls rest against Loki's cheeks.

He's never going to watch porn again in his life, because nothing, nothing can ever come close to this.

And then Loki reaches back again and ohfuckinghell his hand slides to where he and Steve are joined, snaking two fingers in along Steve's cock.

Steve curses loudly, bucking his hips hard against Loki's body. Loki's fingers continue to move obscenely. Tony vaguely wonders how he's managed not to come all over the sheets yet.

of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-02 09:58 pm (UTC)

Loki arches his back, all sinew and muscle, and turns to face Tony once more.

"What are you waiting for?" he asks, only a little breathless, and Tony's brain takes a moment to catch up with his ears. He's - not – nooo way - "Yes," Loki says in so pleading a voice, and Tony's fingers mingle with Loki's as they both maneuver Tony's cock to enter Loki alonside Steve's.

Loki is letting out loud moans, and Steve has fallen silent though his hands are grasping Loki's thighs so hard bruises are flowering already. For his part, Tony is just too dazed at the incredibly tight, hot feeling of having his cock rub against Steve's inside Loki's ass. He lets Steve lead, his hips slamming up into Loki so hard he lifts both Loki and Tony off the bed, fucking them both at once. Rocking against Loki's body, he finds a rhythm in unison with Steve until they are both pounding into Loki, and his hand closes around the back of Loki's neck so that he is locked in place between the two Avengers, sweating, whimpering, the only movement of his body the wanton clenching and unclenching of his muscles around them both.

Steve is softly moaning obscenities now, and Tony is a little peeved. He never managed to get Steve to talk dirty in bed. Half-consciously his fingers tighten around Loki's neck and he slams harder into the Asgardian's body, but it is Steve who groans a reply.

Loki's own erection is trapped helplessly against Steve's body. Arching his back against Tony, he slides his lubed-up hand to attend himself. A touch is all it takes, and Loki's body goes rigid between them as he comes all over Steve's stomach, wailing an inarticulate scream as he does so. A moment later, Steve's face tightens and Tony feels Steve's orgasm inside Loki, Steve's come flooding into Loki and seeping between their cocks, and Tony's mind goes blank as his own climax takes over, slamming hard into Loki's body, pressing their bodies together and unceremoniously shoving Loki's head out of the way so he can press his lips to Steve's.

There is a moment of stillness and panting breaths, and then their bodies disengage like the pieces of Tony’s armor coming off, Loki rolling to the side and Tony devoid of any strength to do anything but slump over Steve, laying his head on his chest.

Tony opens his eyes to look at Loki. The trickster god's hair is a mess of tangled locks, his skin glistening with sweat as his body stills. He looks absolutely ravished, lips swollen, eyes closed beneath heavy lashes, their mingled fluids trickling between his bruised thighs.

Loki opens his eyes, and they lock with Tony's once more. And then his lips curl slowly into that serene, infuriating grin.

Liquor, exhaustion and numbness catching up with him, Tony closes his eyes and tightens his embrace around Steve, hoping he'll wake up in the morning to find out this was all a very weird and vivid dream.

But when he does wake up, the light flooding into the room is that of early afternoon, and he’s dismally certain it was no dream, though both Loki and Steve are gone.

Edited at 2011-06-02 09:59 pm (UTC)

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-02 10:27 pm (UTC)

I think what I loved the most, was Tony's smug face staring at me from your icon as I read this 8D

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-02 10:31 pm (UTC)

Ah... Uhm... Too hot for words. -fans self-
... I'll... I'll be in my bunk.

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-02 10:52 pm (UTC)

No words...none at all. This is one of the sexiest things I've ever read in the fandom.

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-03 12:04 am (UTC)

Holy-moly. I think I exploded.

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-03 02:24 am (UTC)

fffffffffffffff that was hot!

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-03 03:03 am (UTC)

Damn. That was awesome. I wish I could compliment this more coherently, but...guh.


This. Is. Just. The hottest thing. Ever. I love how Loki is so very much in charge here, and everyone else is just along for the ride. Sex + psychology is always the best combination. My brain is dribbling out my ears. Good day. I can't even deal with this right now. You are amazing. Thank you.

Re: OP (Anonymous) Expand

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-03 03:46 am (UTC)

... Well then.

*fans herself*

That was- very, very hot. Yes. I love how Loki seems to be in control, and Tony's point-of-view, and Steve.

*fans herself more*

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-03 03:57 am (UTC)

Yeah, I didn't know I needed this until I had it and now I don't know how I got on without it before this moment.

I wonder how Thor would respond to this if he knew...

I love how you made Loki a freakin' sex GOD and how he just completely takes over. Then again, god > superhuman > just plain human

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-03 08:12 am (UTC)

Aaaaaaaaahh kadhgaleuhdjnah omh uuuungh! gjahgnfaiorhndc! lkajfagkg1!!!

This needs to be like... happening all tht time. This needs a series, a sequel, an aftermath. A Thor even. ooomg d=

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-03 02:01 pm (UTC)

This is AWESOME! And oh I would so very much like to see more ;)

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-03 03:13 pm (UTC)

well written DP AND awesome characterization

fuck. yes.

I look forward to the continuation!

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-03 07:22 pm (UTC)

oh god i've died and gone to valhalla *_*

that was most excellently done! <333

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-03 11:22 pm (UTC)


Great. Now my keyboard is covered in drool. THANKS A LOT you wonderful, wonderful person!

Everything about this was so well done. It manages to be both mind-numbingly sexy and well written!

And... I was just about to request a sequel, but, being the stalker enthusiast that I am, I skimmed through your comments and found that you are already writing one! I think I might love you for that. *___*

Reposted + Sequel at my LJ!


2011-06-04 01:27 am (UTC)

Thank you for all the kind comments! You encourage me to keep writing. I've just cleaned this up a bit and reposted at my LJ:

Of mischief and misbegotten moments

And yes, I wrote a somewhat angsty sequel with Tony having to deal with a very pissed off Thor:

Of misbehaving and missing the point

Also, I've drafted a third part already with Thor/Loki, but I won't be able to post until after the weekend. Stay tuned XD

Edited at 2011-06-04 08:31 am (UTC)

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-04 02:33 am (UTC)

Omg. OMG. OMG. I loved the little touches of character and jealousy with the porn- UNF. THIS WAS AMAZING. Also DP is totes one of my bulletproof kinks, and SO YES PLEASE. This was seriously AMAZING.

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-04 03:05 am (UTC)

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Hottest thing ever.

Re: of mischief and misbegotten moments 3/3


2011-06-04 04:42 am (UTC)

Unbelievably hot... *retreats to bunk*

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