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Round 11
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Loki is not Laufrey's son (non-con)


2012-08-17 01:36 pm (UTC)

You know what I love about this kink meme? Long prompts get filled. So I'm risking it.

Loki is not a runt. He's what the Asgards would call an ice maiden, naturally much smaller than the traditional Jotun. But Ice maidens are by far the most fertile (and prettiest). They are also really rare. So when one does finally get born it is given to the king as a mate. This has been tradition for so long that now, only the child of the king with an ice maiden can claim the throne as true heir.

Loki was born right at the end of the war and was given to Laufrey as his betrothed. That's why he is marked with Laufrey's family scars, it was a part of the ceremony. The final stage of their marriage is the consumation which would have happened when Loki came of age.

Then Odin showed up, totally misread the scars and took Loki away.

Fast forward to the events of the movie, only this time Laufrey sees Loki get grabbed and turn blue. He realises what has happened and grabs Loki off the battlefield to claim him before Thor figures out what is going on.

Side note: Once claimed, Loki is bound to Laufrey by magic, if he tries to go to far from his mate he will instantly teleport back to his side. This distance is quite large in real terms (Laufrey can go on a hunting trip for a week and Loki can stay behind) but trying to get to Asgard, which is on another planet, would be a definite problem. The idea behind the spell is so if anyone tries to kidnap the king's mate, all he has to do is ride as fast as he can in any direction and his mate will eventually just show up back at his side. This spell is not widely known.

Bonus: Despite what he has done (and plans to keep doing) to Loki, Laufrey is a good king (kind of like how Odin was a good king but lacked something in the dad department)
+ My first born internet baby if the spell that makes Loki appear Asgard can't be broken, so he only ever looks Jotun when he's being touched. The rest of the time he has to be bundled in furs.
+ My second born if Odin offers the casket (see, he does love you Loki!) but Laufrey tells him that his heirs can always steal it back, whereas without an accepted heir Jotunheim would be torn apart on his death. (In other words, no, Loki is way more valuable than anything you've got, Allfather.)

If you can spin a happy ending on this you are a better writer than I.

Re: Loki is not Laufrey's son (non-con)


2012-08-18 02:05 am (UTC)

I... I kinda want this...

Laufrey's Bride (Laufrey/Loki) (non-con)


2012-08-18 10:52 am (UTC)

First fic ever, please be kind.

“Run home Princess.”

And so it began. The son of Odin and his friends, fighting for their lives against every Jotun who could be summoned. His hammer spinning in a deadly arc over and over. Laufrey stood back and watched it happen. Watched as the son of Odin pushed his people further toward another war.

Then it happened. Right there, in front of Laufrey’s eyes. The younger son, Loki the dark haired liar, was grabbed by one of Laufrey’s fighters. Laufrey leaned forward slightly where he sat, watching with delight as the man’s armour fell away, waiting for the scream of pain as the frostbite hit.

There was no scream, before his eyes he saw the man’s skin turn blue at the wrist. Loki and his opponent stared at his arm in shock before the Prince recovered and stabbed out, killing the Frost Giant. For a moment Laufrey was frozen in surprise, before the realisation came over him. He rose from his throne and ran down toward the battle.

He skirted around to the side, watching as one of Thor’s companions was skewered by spikes of ice. Loki was distracted by the yell and threw a knife at the charging attacker with deadly accuracy. But that gave Laufrey his opening. As Thor’s other companions pulled their friend from the ice, Laufrey appeared behind Loki and grabbed him tightly, pinning his arms. He spun with the surprised Prince in his arms and ran as fast as he could back toward the relative safety of the castle.

“Thor!” Loki shouted as Laufrey raced through the ice. He responded by clamping a hand over Loki’s mouth, pressing tightly against skin that was rapidly turning blue. Loki struggled in his arms but was unable to free himself. The Princes clothing had frozen between them, bits of it cracking and falling from his body as they moved.

Laufrey reached the castle and sped through the corridors, twisting and turning through the wide passageways. He didn’t have long, Thor seemed caught up in the battle and his friends were mostly focussed on each other, but he couldn’t take the chance. With a savage growl of triumph he reached his destination, the king’s bedroom was the only room in the castle with its wards still intact.

Laufey's Bride (non con)


2012-08-19 11:49 am (UTC)

Loki lay on Laufey’s bed. He hurt, so much. He was pink again and bundled in furs, but he still felt cold. He was Laufey’s betrothed, Laufey. King of the Jotun. Laufey. That Laufey. King of the monsters, and Loki was one of them.

He stared at the ceiling. He wanted to go home and talk to his father. It couldn’t be true, he couldn’t be a Jotun, not that. It was a trick, a spell. Someone had cursed him and now Laufey thought he was his long dead betrothed.

Except that Laufey had touched him in a way that was obviously familiar to the Jotun. Loki had never found any reference to another hole in male Asgard. He’d never even found it during his own teenage exploration, and his explorations had been extremely thorough.

What if he were a Jotun? Laufey’s betrothed and not Thor’s brother? Was he supposed to have grown up in this place? Where were his real parents?

He shook his head, and winced as even that movement caused him pain. It didn’t matter. What mattered was getting home, back to where he belonged. He didn’t care if he was a Jotun, he could hide that. Odin had done it for him for years. Loki could do it forever.

He heard a noise at the doorway and lifted his head fearfully. Laufey was standing there, holding something in his hand. Loki shrank back into his furs as Laufey walked over to the bed and climbed next to him. Loki’s eyes grew wide. He could feel his heart hammering as he tried not to whimper at the memory of Laufey’s hands and cock.

“Hush.” Laufey murmured. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He peeled back the fur coverings, revealing Loki trembling at the centre. Whether from fear, cold or a combination of both he didn’t know. Laufey opened the jar he’d brought with him. ‘This will numb the pain.” He scooped up some of the ointment and reached between Loki’s legs. Loki yelped and tried to move away, but the pain flared across his abdomen, making him freeze in place. Laufey took advantage of his stillness to slide his fingers across Loki’s entrance, gently pressing against the swollen hole. Loki stayed frozen, the pain did lesson as Laufey rubbed, but he was afraid to move in case it inspired the King to go further.

Finally Laufey retreated, moving from the bed and placing the jar on the table. He walked back to Loki whose skin was once again changing back to pink. It only stayed blue when he was touched. Laufey preferred his true colouring. He was beautiful like that. Laufey reached over and wrapped Loki back up in his furs.

“We’ll find a way to break Odin’s curse, then you won’t have to be so covered.” His words didn’t seem to sooth his mate. Loki if anything looked more alarmed at the thought. Laufey had to remind himself that Loki had grown up thinking he was Asgard. It would take him time to adjust. It didn’t help that their first mate had been so violent. It would not have been the way he would have chosen to go about it, but he couldn’t let Loki get away, even now Odin could still come back. It had only been a few hours and all it would take would be for Heimdell to break his silence about Loki not being dead.

Laufey reached out and stroked Loki’s hair. “You are beautiful.” He said. “Rest and heal, when you are recovered I will show you your home.”

Author Anon (Anonymous) Expand

Laufey's bride (non-con)


2012-08-21 11:13 am (UTC)

Loki was woken by the sound of footsteps. He was pressed into Laufey’s side. The Jotun King’s arms were wrapped tightly around him. Laufey stirred sleepily and smiled down at him.

“Good morning.” He said softly.

Loki wanted to bite him, he might have risked it, had Laufey’s earlier attentions not involved a lighter form of exactly that. There was no telling how it would be interpreted.

The footsteps belonged to two Jotuns. They entered the room without knocking and began to lay food out on the small (comparatively speaking) table at the far side of the room.

Laufey sat up and pulled back the furs. With a tug to keep Loki with him he swung his feet onto the floor and made for a door in the corner of the room.

While most of the rooms in the King’s chambers had either furniture or items placed throughout them, this small (again, relatively) room had nothing. Loki tried to pry himself from Laufey’s side without success.

The Jotuns had finished laying out the food, through the doorway Loki saw them pick up a bundle of fur and approach them.

In addition to the fur they held large brushes. Without ceremony one of them began to brush Laufey’s flanks. The other reached out and began to do the same to Loki.

The brush was course, but not painful. It was kind of like having a whole body scratch. With each stroke small flakes of dirt and ice fell from their bodies.

Loki held himself rigid as his hair was brushed, then his chest, arms and back. But when the Jotun reached toward his buttocks he yelped and tried to pull away. Laufey reached around without effort and held Loki in place, facing him. The Jotun brushed firmly over his buttocks and legs, even reaching his inner thighs. Loki squirmed and tried to stop him. Laufey just held him tighter and said nothing.

Finally it was over, the Jotuns put their brushes down and reached instead for the furs. They were loincloths. They wrapped one each around Laufey and Loki’s waists and fastened them in place with decorative clasps. Under normal circumstances Loki would find the patterns beautiful. They were coiled, with delicate detailing, unlike the jewellery normally favoured in Asgard. Right now he’d do anything to see something familiar instead, even if it was ugly.

The last thing the Jotuns did was lay out two more furs on the ground. They looked up at Loki, clearly expecting him to do something.

“Step on them.” Laufey said.

Loki jumped slightly at the sound of his voice, then carefully complied.

They reached forward and tied the furs to his feet, making a pair of rough slippers. Loki understood. So far all the Jotuns he’d seen went barefoot, but if he changed back to Asgard form without protection his warm pink feet would stick painfully to the icy floor. If he could pull them free it would only be by leaving behind several layers of skin.

They were done. The Jotuns bowed to Laufey then Loki, which startled him, before leaving them alone.

Laufey pulled him to the table and lifted Loki onto one of the chairs. The Jotun servants had laid a fur across it for him to sit on, which was needed as the second Laufey let go of him his skin flushed with pink.

Laufey sat in the other chair and began to eat.

Loki had debated on a hunger strike while still recovering from his injuries. He’d discarded the idea, especially as he was stuck here until the binding spell was broken, he needed to maintain his strength.

He picked up a piece of food and carefully put it in his mouth.

It was frozen, for a second it fused to his tongue before the heat of his mouth caused the outside frost to melt. The rest of it was still frozen solid though, and his first attempt to bite it nearly broke a tooth.

Then there was the other matter of the cold. It was seeping into him, he could feel it rising from his chair through the fur, and the air, while thankfully still was nevertheless slowly drawing the heat out of him.

He began to shiver.

Laufey's bride (non-con) (Anonymous) Expand
Laufey's bride (non-con) (Anonymous) Expand
Laufey's bride (non-con) (Anonymous) Expand
Laufey's bride (non-con) (Anonymous) Expand

Loki is not Laufrey's son (non-con)


2012-08-22 10:58 am (UTC)

Thor had spent the last four days training constantly. He knew it was unlikely to make much of a difference, he was already almost unstoppable, but it made him feel as though he was doing something. The summons to his father’s chamber brought a mixture of relief and anxiety.

Only anxiety remained when he saw Odin was without Loki.

“Father?” He asked without asking.

“Laufey turned down the casket.” Odin said quietly. “He is determined to keep Loki. He made reference to having heirs.”

“No. He can’t! Not with Loki. No.” Thor said, his eyes flashing. “Father we have to get him out of there, there has to be another way.”

“Heimdell has been instructed to watch Loki closely. If he sees anything relevant then he will tell me immediately.”

There was a knock at the door, followed immediately by Frigga, whose face was drawn.

“I take it that you were unsuccessful.” She said.

Odin reached out and drew her into a hug. “We’ll get him back.” He said softly. Frigga nodded and drew back.

“I’m going to visit him.” She said. Thor’s eyes widened in surprise. Odin’s face went ‘husband blank.’

“I don’t know if that is wise.” He said.

“I don’t care, Laufey has my baby boy and I will go and see him.” She said.

“What if he orders them to attack you?” Odin said. “Be practical, we will get him back, but it’s not going to be easy.”

Frigga glared at him.

“Be practical.” Odin said again, more firmly. Her lips tightened but she did not argue.

Loki is not Laufrey's son (non-con)


2012-08-23 11:49 am (UTC)

Laufey’s days had developed a new routine.

Morning, wake up when the servants arrive. Get a thorough brushing down and dressing followed by breakfast. Go and take care of the dull parts of Realm management. Try to balance an increasingly thin end of year budget before returning to Loki. Spend time with Loki until lunchtime. Lunch. Sit in the throne room with Loki beside him while court was held. Spend more time with Loki until dinnertime, then dinner and then mating.

Loki always reacted the same way to being mated.

First he would fight.

Then he would beg.

Then he would cry.

Laufey took him every night. There was no way to tell when Loki’s body would develop a fertile seed. When it did it had to be released it into his womb and then fertilised by Laufey. Mating daily was the best way to ensure a fertile seed would not be wasted.

He still wished Loki wouldn’t cry.

It didn’t hurt him, Laufey knew it didn’t hurt him. But Loki just would not accept that he belonged in Laufey’s bed.

Laufey hated Loki’s arms. Oh they were fine to look at, nice shape, proper length, but they had this way of pressing against his chest while they mated. Loki’s hands would lie flat as he tried to push Laufey away from him, even as his instincts overrode the lower half of his body.

‘Ten days.’ He told himself. ‘He’s been here ten days.’

Queen Frigga had troubled him. Her arrival was so unexpected she was lucky she hadn’t been killed on sight. Now that would have caused chaos.

Her requests had been annoyingly reasonable. He could have refused her and told her to leave and never return, but the satisfaction he’d have gotten from lording it over the Queen of Asgard would have been fleeting at best. Still, Loki needed to learn to live without his Asgard family. Laufey couldn’t have them dropping in at any time, if they did it would only be a matter of time before one of them got killed (probably Frigga) or killed one of his subjects (probably Thor).

Truly the Asgard were just savages in fine stitching.

Loki is not Laufrey's son (non-con)


2012-08-24 03:58 pm (UTC)

The following day Loki was having a reading lesson from Thrym. Jotun runes were one of the oldest written languages and as such, had become immensely complicated as the centuries passed by.

So far he could read his name, Laufey’s name, Thrym’s name and the runes for ‘king,’ ‘enemy’ and ‘idiot older brother.’ The fact that it was expressed in a two stroke rune indicated to Loki that one of the original scribes probably had one.

Thrym had taken great delight in teaching it to him.

He wondered if he could have a coat made for Thor and have the runes stitched along the collar. He’d never know what he was wearing.

He’d never be given it, because Thor was in Asgard and Loki was here.

He sighed softly and turned the page of the writing book. Thrym turned to him and frowned.

“Something wrong?” He asked pleasantly.

Loki gave him a knowing look.

“Missing home?” Thrym said gently.

Loki felt his throat close up as he nodded. He did miss it. He missed the hot sun and the grassy fields. He even missed the ridiculous gold plated walls. He missed waking up and lying in bed while he decided what to do that day. He missed his family, he missed Thor. Stupid Thor.

Thrym reached out and gently rubbed the midpoint of Loki’s back.

“Did I ever tell you about the Great Hunt?” He said.

Loki shook his head.

“The Great Hunt comes once a year. We travel to the hunting rounds on the far side of the mountains and lie in wait for the prey. We call them the Draphts. They are huge beasts, massive great things, bigger than our great mounts and those will carry a battalion. We have to take the oldest Draphts, the biggest ones of all. For days we try to bring them down. A good hunt will kill five or more, a bad hunt will only kill one or two. Once the Great Hunt is over we travel back to the castle with our prize and there is a Great Festival to mark the successful end to the hunt. We eat and drink for ten days. It is the greatest time of our year.”

Loki smiled softly.

“And when does this hunt take place?” He asked.

“In half a season more.” Thrym said. “Perhaps you could come with us.”

“I don’t think Laufey would let me.” Loki said.

“I don’t see why not. All the warriors go and a large number of spell casters, gatherers and even some children, if they can follow orders.”

Loki shrugged his shoulders.

“It sounds like fun.”

“It is.” Thrym confirmed. “You’ll love it.”

Loki looked past him at the window. Thrym turned his head just in time to catch the light of the Bifrost as it faded. He turned back to see Loki’s hopeful face.

“Alright.” He said, rolling his eyes with extra dramatic flair. “We’ll go and see who is visiting Jotunheim now. You do know this realm was quiet before you got here, don’t you?” He teased as they made their way down the corridors and to the throne room.

It was Frigga. She carried a large bundle of furs in her arms. Behind her stood a handmaiden, the silky skirt, beautifully done hair and carefully applied makeup doing absolutely nothing to hide the fact that it was Sif.

Loki is not Laufrey's son (non-con)


2012-08-25 02:07 pm (UTC)

Note: All Jotun are referred to as ‘he’. What with them being one sex and all I just figured it was kinder than ‘it’.

Laufey was sulking. He knew he was sulking which only made it worse. He sat in his workroom and stared at nothing, while inside his head he played back Queen Frigga’s visit.

He hated her, hated the way Loki’s face lit up when she arrived, hated the fact that he ran to her with his arms open.

“You’ve stuffed it again.” Thrym said from behind him.

Laufey turned around and fixed him with a warning glare.

“Do you want to tell me what crept into your mind and tried to pass for thought back there?” Thrym continued, placing the dwarf’s hammer on the floor with a clang and sitting down in the room’s only other chair.

“He ran to her.” Laufey muttered, sinking down lower in his seat.

“Of course he ran to her, she’s his mother. If you saw our mother again wouldn’t you run to his arms?”

“Given that our mother is long dead, probably not, it might be a trap.”

“Very funny. You know what I meant.”

“I know.” Laufey sighed. “I made a mistake. *Another* mistake, I am making a dozen mistakes a day!” He rose from his chair and threw up his hands. “I thought having a mate was supposed to be easy!”

Thrym threw back his head and began to laugh. Laufey whirled around to glare at him as he gulped and spluttered. He took several deep breaths in an attempt to silence himself. Until he caught sight of Laufey’s which only served to set him off again. Big hearty guffs and undignified snorts filled the air.

Finally, after several long minutes, Thrym got himself under control.

“I have been married,” he said, wheezing slightly, “for nine centuries. I love him, I adore him, I thank the frost for every day that I have with him. But Laufey, dear Laufey, there isn’t a man alive I want to kill more than him when he’s being an arrogant little sod.”

Laufey frowned.

“He’s fighting me.” He said grumpily.

“Of course Loki is fighting you! He’s been raised far away in a land of savages, he’s trying to learn everything he should have already been taught by now and he misses the people he thinks of as his family. You have to have patience brother, real patience, and that means you do not frighten him like that. He does not know you, he does not know that you would never hit out in anger, or confine him to a dank cell. He has been taught his whole life that you are the king of the monsters, such thinking will not be changed in a few nights, and not at all if you keep proving it right.”

Laufey scowled deeply.

“He’s my mate, he shouldn’t fight me.”

“Mother and father would have great fights. They would scream at each other from across the room, usually about the two of us and our tendency to cause havoc across the city. Mates will fight, and it’s a good sign! When you frighten him he shrinks from you, he cowers. That is not the sign of a good mate, if I saw it in any other match I would be concerned. You have to get your temper under control, think of him as a wild Mau, they cannot be tamed with whips and cruelty, but if you treat them with kindness they will follow you forever.”

Laufey sat back down in his chair.

“You are doing a better job with him than I am.” He said.

“I will leave him entirely to you if you wish it.” Thrym said calmly.

Laufey shook his head.

“He listens to you, he is learning our history without resistance. I am pleased that he feels he can trust you. I will try to be more careful with him.”

“You were jealous today.” Thrym said gently.

“I was not!” Laufey snapped.

“You were and you did a poor job of hiding it. His mother arrived and you were barely in his thoughts, you were jealous.”

Laufey snorted in an unkingly manner.

“Was not.” He muttered.

Thrym didn’t say anything, but he looked sceptical.

Laufey shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

Thrym remained silent.

Loki is not Laufrey's son (non-con)


2012-08-26 12:40 pm (UTC)

Fandral stretched awkwardly. He was finally cleared to train again after seeing the healers. Being impaled really took it out of him.

Hogun was already warming up, swinging his mace over his head as he focussed on the target in front of him.

Volstagg was sitting down with a plate of boar meat and cheeses. His sword lay at his side waiting for him.

“What I don’t understand is why we haven’t been sent to take Loki back.” Fandral said, finishing his stretches. “We know where he is, everyone knows where he is.”

“Have you not heard the rumours about what he is?” Volstagg said, glancing over his shoulder. “They say he is a Jotun, and that Laufey has made him their queen. We heard Heimdal himself called Loki Laufey’s betrothed.”

“How can he be their queen, Volstagg? The role of a queen is to have an heir, I don’t know what Heimdal was talking about but that’s just a silly rumour. Loki is a prince of Asgard and we should be taking him back. Instead all that happens is Thor spends all his time with the Allfather and Allmother, and Sif gets sent on a secret mission. Why doesn’t Thor come to us? We can help!”

“Why don’t you ask Thor what is going on, seeing as you cannot wait to be told.” Volstagg said, putting his plate aside and rising to his feet.

Fandral pulled a face.

“I tried, Thor wouldn’t see me.” He admitted. “He has not been down to the training yards in eight days, and he eats alone these days instead of with us.”

“The Allfather must have a good reason not to take action. We must trust in him.” Volstagg said.

“The servants say Queen Frigga has been crying in her chambers, and they were ordered to prepare all of Loki’s favourite foods but deliver them to her instead. Odin has not ordered the army to assemble for his son. Something unusual is going on.” Fandral insisted.

“Perhaps we are about to find out.” Hogun said. “Thor is coming.”

The other two turned to see Thor make his way across the training grounds towards them. He was accompanied by Sif.

“Thor!” Fandral called out, raising his hand in greeting.

Thor raised his in reply and covered the remaining distance.

“We have been wondering when we are to rescue Loki.” Fandral said. “Have you a plan? Surely we must act soon?”

Thor’s shoulders slumped. Sif bit her lip and placed a hand on his arm.

“We will not be rescuing Loki.” Thor said.

“What?” Fandral and Volstagg cried together.

“Come now Thor I know he can be annoying but you can’t leave him there.” Volstagg said.

Thor did not even crack a smile.

“He is King Laufey’s mate. If we take him we declare war.”

“How can Loki possibly be the mate of Laufey, he’s a Prince of Asgard!” Fandral said.

Sif shook her head. “He’s a Jotun, taken by the Allfather and raised as Thor’s brother, but Laufey has a prior claim.” She said.

Fandral stared at them in astonishment.

“The rumours are true?” He said at last. “Loki is the queen of Jotunheim?”

Thor sighed heavily.

“This is my fault. I insisted that we go, if we had not Loki would be safe here now with all of us. Instead he is trapped, surrounded by savage monsters. Laufey…L-laufey wants heirs.”

“He can do that?” Volstagg said.

“All Jotun can, apparently.” Thor said. “But Laufey will not choose anyone else, and we cannot take Loki by force without causing a war.”

“So let’s cause a war.” Fandral said. “You were saying yourself that they deserved it for breaking in to the weapons vault.”

Loki is not Laufrey's son (non-con)


2012-08-31 11:06 am (UTC)

That morning Loki woke up feeling exhausted. He grumbled as Laufey led him to the brushing room and picked at his breakfast.

“What is the matter with you?” Laufey said as he stroked Loki’s back gently.

“I’m not hungry.” Loki said.

Laufey frowned.

“And why not?”

“I’m too tired.” Loki said, rubbing his eyes.

Laufey pulled Loki back until his head rested against Laufey’s chest. Loki just slumped against him, his eyes were closed. Laufey laid a hand over Loki’s brow.

“You’re a little warm” He said.

He gathered Loki up and moved him to the bed.

“I’ll send the healer to see you.” He said, wrapping Loki up. “I think you have caught an illness, hopefully you just need a few days in bed.”

Loki nodded wearily and closed his eyes.

He was asleep when the healer arrived. The feel of a hand on his brow woke him from his doze.

Loki was slowly learning to identify the different Jotun professions by their clothing. The healers all wore a strip of fur across their shoulders with a leaf-pattern fastening pin. This healer had an extra fastening on his strip.

He smiled kindly down at Loki.

“I am Puluk, the head healer. The king sent me to see you, your Majesty.” He said. “He said you were feeling unwell.”

Loki groaned and didn’t say anything. The healer unwrapped him and laid one hand on his head and the other on his belly. Loki felt a slight tingling sensation as the healer’s magic touched him. The healer sighed softly, almost as if he was disappointed by something.

“You have a mild sickness, you Majesty. You need to rest. Your throat will start to hurt and your nose will fill with fluid. I will bring you a draught to help reduce the build up of fluid and the kitchens will make you some soothing drinks. Other than that you just need to rest.”

He paused for a moment, taking in Loki’s lethargic state.

“Is there anything else I can help you with, you Majesty?”

Loki looked up at him, confused.

“You are otherwise quite well?” Puluk asked carefully.

When Loki said nothing, Puluk tried again.

“The last time I saw you, your Majesty you were, ah, quite sore? Bruised? Are you well now?”

Loki frowned and turned his head away.

“I’m fine.” He snapped. “I’m physically fine and that’s all anyone cares about anyway.”

Puluk frowned in confusion.

“The king isn’t hurting you?” He asked tentatively.

Loki looked up at him, anger clouding his features. He struggled to sit up with his aching limbs.

“I hate him! I wish he’d drop dead where he stands! I hate you! I hate that no one here seems to care that I Don’t. Want. This! I want to go home! I want to leave and never come back! I want my family and I *don’t* want Laufey!”

He was almost hysterical, tears were streaking his cheeks and his face was flushed. His breath was coming in gasps. Puluk pulled back from the bed, he looked bewildered.

“I think your Majesty is very tired.” He said, backing away. “I will go and fetch that draught.”

He turned and found himself face to face with Thrym, who was holding today’s book.

“One word,” Thrym said, his voice low and threatening. “One word about this to anyone and you will find your head on a spike.”

Puluk nodded, his eyes wide. He fled the room as Thrym walked over to where Loki had slumped in exhaustion.

Thrym sat down on the edge of the bed, reached over and pulled the furs back around Loki’s body.

“Does the royal family of Asgard speak its business to the lower classes?” Thrym chided as he tucked the last fur in place.

“I hate him.” Loki mumbled.

“Does he hurt you?” Thrym asked gently.

Loki pulled a face.

“Is that all anyone cares about?” He asked.

Thrym looked at him, concerned.

“Why don’t you tell me what bothers you and I will try to understand.” He said.

“You will?” Loki asked. He sounded so vulnerable.

Thrym nodded.

“I don’t want him touching me.” Loki said softly. “He doesn’t listen when I say I don’t want to.”

“Why don’t you want to?” Thrym asked.

Loki’s eyes narrowed.

“I’m trying to understand Loki, talk to me.” Thrym said firmly.

Loki sighed.

“He’s forcing me. That’s why I don’t want to. Wouldn’t you object to being forced to mate with someone? He holds me down every night. I fight him, I beg him, he won’t stop.” He was crying again, he sniffed as his nose began to run.

Loki is not Laufrey's son (non-con)


2012-09-02 12:03 pm (UTC)

Please note that any writing bracketed by these symbols < > are what Loki wishes he could have written to Frigga. Writing not bracketed is what he actually wrote.

Dear Mother,

Thankyou for the food, it is good to taste something familiar again.
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Please note that any writing bracketed by these symbols < > are what Loki wishes he could have written to Frigga. Writing not bracketed is what he actually wrote.

Dear Mother,

Thankyou for the food, it is good to taste something familiar again.
<Can I come home now? Have you found a way?>
I’ve been eating a little each day as a treat.
<He holds me down, I don’t know what to do.>
I have been given reading lessons by Thrym, he is King Laufey’s younger brother.
<I don’t want a baby, I’ll be trapped here forever. Mother help me.>
I am still reading children’s books so far but Thrym says I am improving daily.
<Your marriage was arranged, did you ever not love Father?>
They have a series here about Mika. He is a Jotun child who has different adventures and learns about the realm.
<Did he hold you down like Laufey does me? Did you beg him not to? Did he ignore you? Did he make you feel so full you couldn’t *not* move?>
So far I have read about half of them.
<Did he ever make you cry? Did you ever hate him?>
King Laufey showed me some of Utgard, which is the capital city on Jotunheim.
<I’m scared and I’m out of ideas.>
The children in Utgard have a game where they try and get as close as they can to the King without being caught by the guards. It is a mark of high honour to be the child who gets closest.
<Thrym says I have to learn to live with him. I can’t, Mother I hate him.>
We drank something called Palif, it is the only warm thing I’ve discovered on Jotunheim that they eat.
<Is there any way for me to come home that doesn’t de-stable Jotunheim and cause thousands of deaths?>
It wasn’t bad. King Laufey says they drink it during the Darkening, which is the Jotunheim winter.
<Are you going to leave me here? Please Mother, don’t leave me here.>
King Laufey says you can write back, I look forward to your reply.
<Mother help.>

Love Loki.
<I’m your son…aren’t I?>

Frigga’s heart had leapt when Heimdall sent a messenger with the letter. She had written back immediately, although Odin had requested she wait a day before sending it so as not to alarm Laufey. The last thing they wanted was for him to change his mind about letting them write.

She had read the letter at least a dozen times a day since, and every day would find her anxiously checking with Heimdall to see if Loki had replied.

Heimdall himself had been trying to see Jotunheim each day, to check on Loki and to see if there was anything they could use against Laufey. What he got was blurry images, or deserted icy landscapes. Someone was blocking him, diverting his gaze. He didn’t like it, and his mood was grim.

It was as though Asgard was in mourning. People spoke in low voices and any laughter that sounded echoed with loneliness. Odin had informed Frigga and Thor that the king of Muspelheim had officially recognised the marriage, as had the Dark Elves.

But the worst had been the Light Elves.

Not quite an ally to the Asgard, but certainly not an enemy, they had informed Odin that as Loki’s betrothal had taken place long ago with the consent of his birth parents then there was no reason why the match wasn’t legitimate. Thor had thrown his hammer through the wall in anger, and while Odin made him repair it himself as punishment, there was no force behind his words when he spoke. His shoulders wre stooped as though under a great weight, and each passing day brought more sorrow to the royal house of Asgard.

But there was something else. Frigga could see it in Odin’s eyes, in the way he moved. The Odinsleep was pressing down on him. He was fighting it, but he would lose. Some things were more powerful than even the king. Soon he would sleep, and she would once again have to take up the mantel in his absence. She debated as to whether Thor should be given the task, but his actions of late were not those of a king.

What worried her was that with her baby in trouble, her actions might prove to be no better.

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Loki is not Laufrey's son (non-con)


2012-09-07 07:52 am (UTC)

Hi again.

I normally post my comment at the end of a new post but I thought I would start with one today.

Obviously, I'm back.

Now, I've seen a lot of people say that Loki giving in would be the absolute worst thing they could think of happening and could I please warn them if I'm going in that direction.

I won't lie to you, it's never going to happen emotionally, but it is going to happen physically for a while. I will put a warning in the comment header when this is about to occur. If you can get through it to the other side I hope you will not be disappointed.

Hopefully Loki's internal conflict will be clear enough that you will understand why. If not. I must ask you to read no further, although I will of course miss your lively debate.

On that subject, holy crap I inspired a debate?!
That. Was. Awesome!

Onward to the story...

Loki is not Laufrey's son (mental non-con)(physical dub? con)(massive internal conflict)


2012-09-08 11:15 am (UTC)

So this is your final warning before things start to change a little. I've said it to a few of you in the comments already, Loki is undergoing massive mental conflict right now, but if Laufey died he'd still be out of there like a shot. He doesn't want Laufey and is still hoping that another solution will present itself. However, so far this is not happening and Loki is adapting as best he can in his trapped situation. He's still looking for an out though, I promise.

If you feel you cannot continue then I wish you well, this story was not for you and I have no hard feelings.

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Loki is not Laufrey's son 13a (mental non-con)(physical dub? con)(massive internal conflict)


2012-09-09 10:56 am (UTC)

The days past by as they travelled onward. The sun shone brightly, and the collective mood was cheerful. Jotun travelled between Prur by throwing ropes across and climbing easily from one to the other. Loki found the steady pace of the Prur relaxing and the ground they covered brought new sights into view every hour.

Laufey sat with him and described the different features of the landscape. Loki could remember several of them from Thrym’s stories. It was strange to see them in reality.

He spent some time up near the drivers. They happily explained how the Prur were guided by gentle tugs on the reins that lead down to holes carefully pierced through the ear flaps. They were placid animals, apparently content to carry the Jotun over large distances without complaint or difficulty.

He wrote to Frigga about what he saw and what it was like to travel by Prur. He had worried her by not replying to her last time and he was determined not to do that again. When his letter reached ten pages he asked one of the runners Laufey had brought to carry it back and place it on the Bifrost site.

The air grew thinner as they made their way up the mountain road. Large walls of ice grew up high on either side of the path as they went deeper into the mountains. Here the Jotun warriors began taking turns keeping lookout. The mood had quietened; Loki spent his days watching his surrounds from his favourite spot just behind the Prur’s head.

After four days they cleared the mountains and reached plains beyond. The Prur’s pace quickened on the flat ground and the mood grew cheerful again. Thrym and Goupr started playing a game against each other where they would try to be the first to spot different flowers. Loki joined them and found himself staring in wonder at the multitude of different types. He hadn’t even realised that Jotunheim had flowers. The ice surrounding the castle was far too thick for them to grow.

The flowers were different shades of blue and white and their sizes varied wildly from petals as long as Loki’s arm to tiny blossoms smaller than his pupil. Laufey, Thrym, Goupr and Loki swung down to the ground one afternoon with about half the group and spent a few hours exploring the frost covered ground. They carried armfuls of flowers back up with them and decorated the back of the Prur.

Loki is not Laufrey's son 14a (mental non-con)(physical dub? con)(massive internal conflict)


2012-09-10 11:40 am (UTC)

The Warriors four were sitting around the edge of the training yard looking depressed. Two things had occurred since they last made their plans, one lucky and one much less so.

It had been lucky that they were not able to implement their first plan before Frigga had a chance to visit Loki again. Sif had reported back that their planned path to the throne room was nothing but rubble. Loki had led them down a different route entirely. So now they had a much better understanding of the layout.

The bad luck was that Freya wasn’t in Asgard. Fandral had gone to see her that first night and found her door closed. Her brother, Frey, had rolled his eyes when Frandral had knocked on his door, enquiring as to the whereabouts of his sister.

“She’s gone home to see our family. You do know we are from Vanaheim, don’t you?”

“I had not forgotten. I just wanted to talk to her as a matter of great urgency.”

“Fandral, you do not have a chance, my sister has quite discerning taste.”

“Even so, if you could but tell me where she resides?”




“My apologies, my Lord Frey. It is important.”

“You think all your romancing is important, she’ll be back in time for summer. You’ll have to wait.”

It was most discouraging. They had been trying to think of an alternative place for Loki to hide until the chaos on Jotunheim was finished with.

“He could stay in his rooms, at least for a little while.” Volstagg said.

“He’ll be very bored, besides, he’s a prisoner now, I don’t think we should keep him confined.” Fandral added.

Sif nodded her agreement.

“He was calm, but unhappy. This burden weighs on him heavily.”

“Why should it? He’s a Prince of Asgard, not a Jotun breeder. Let the savages die.” Fandral said.

Sif shrugged her shoulders.

“They are not civilized, but he seemed torn anyway. Perhaps they are kind to him, when Laufey is busy, perhaps he doesn’t want the servants to die.”

“We should snatch him back now, no more waiting!” Fandral said.

Since Loki’s capture Thor had not gone on a single quest or adventure or even a camping trip. Fandral was feeling confined in the palace halls, and his feelings were making him restless.

Volstagg was of the same opinion, they should rush in, kill Laufey, grab Loki and fight their way out, come what may. They had rushed in to battle before enough times to know the drill.

It was up to Sif to remind them that ‘one of those times’ had ended with the situation Loki was in now. She wanted to gather more information, especially as Heimdall’s gaze was being blurred by powerful magic. He could be of no help to them in their planning.

Hogun was always in favour of careful planning, for all that he joined them readily on their wilder quests.

In the end it came down to Thor. Normally Thor was the first to rush in, the first to laugh loudly when a plan went wrong and he had to take up his hammer.

He didn’t laugh anymore. He didn’t rush in, or act before thinking. In this plan, more than any other, he wanted a careful strategy and backup plans, and backup plans to those backup plans. The stakes were too high for anything else.

Thor had finally learnt the first lesson of kingship: actions have consequences for *other people too*.

Loki is not Laufrey's son 15a (mental non-con)(physical dub? con)(massive internal conflict)


2012-09-11 12:06 pm (UTC)

Thrym left his brother to the realm business and stepped out onto the camp floor. He couldn’t see Loki anywhere. He was scanning the distance when Helblindi piped up behind him.

“He’s on the ground again, throwing spears at the practice targets like they have insulted his mother.”

Thrym turned and reached out as though to grab Helblindi by the neck. Helblindi ducked easily with a grin on his face.

“I don’t know what happened but he looks like a snowstorm.”

“Thankyou son.” Thrym said dryly and made his way across the camp floor to the side that overlooked the targets.

Loki was indeed throwing spears. He was incredibly accurate; in fact Thrym wondered whether he would like to be a spear thrower instead. Or maybe try both, the Hunt would last for days, there was plenty of time.

Thrym watched long enough to be certain that Loki was guarded, by two Jotun keeping well back, and that he did not appear to be in any danger where he was. Then, following his brother’s orders Thrym turned away and busied himself with the duties of the camp.

Loki threw the final spear and walked forward to retrieve them. He was still angry. Angry at Kwall for reminding him that he was nothing to these people. Angry at Laufey for, for…*everything* and angry at himself, for almost forgetting to hate them all.

He did hate them all. He really, really did. Ask anyone. He definitely, really hated them all. Thrym? Hated him. Kwall? Hated him. Puluk and Goupr and the entire royal court? Hated them. Helblindi? Um…

It was hard to hate something smaller than yourself, even if he was only an inch smaller and likely to grow out of that before the end of the year.

Loki carried the spears back to his throwing mark and stabbed them into the snow vengefully.

He raised a single spear and took aim…

Goupr had collected his own spear from his chambers on the Prur and swung down to the ground a few minutes ago. He’d stopped briefly to talk to the guards in a low voice, now he walked silently up behind the queen and swung hard at Loki’s head.

Loki whirled and stopped the spear from landing a split second before Goupr would have pulled out of the swing. They stood there locked for a moment before Goupr pulled away and swung again.

Loki dodged and ducked under the spear, bringing his own up in a sharp jab to Goupr’s midsection. The large Jotun twisted away and caught Loki’s spear with his own, forcing it upwards and out of Loki’s grip.

Loki huffed angrily.

“Not fair.” He mumbled.

“No, it wasn’t.” Goupr said. “How am I expected to learn how to fight a sorcerer if you won’t use magic? Now try again, and stop going easy on me.”

Loki gave him an angry look but collected his spear and took up the guard stance.

This time when Goupr swung his spear passed through nothing. He whirled just in time to deflect Loki’s strike from behind and force it upwards. Loki let go of the spear and vanished. He reappeared under the spear and caught it before charging straight at Goupr. Goupr stood ready to knock him off his feet but his spear connected with nothing. The image faded as Loki came at him from the side. Goupr only just recovered in time to deflect the strike and force Loki past him and onto the snow. He brought his spear down and pinned Loki to the ground.

“Yield?” He said, wheezing slightly.

Loki’s image blurred and the point of Goupr’s spear that had been pining Loki by his chest was now pressing into his shoulder. Goupr had caught him halfway through sliding out of the way. Loki nodded, he too was panting from the effort.

Loki is not Laufrey's son 16a (mental and physical non-con)(massive internal conflict)


2012-09-12 11:24 am (UTC)

Loki loitered on the camp floor for almost an hour before finally making his way over to the Prur. He did not want to apologise to Laufey. He didn’t want Laufey to have that kind of power over him. It was like a bad taste in his mouth, the thought of asking that man for forgiveness.

He had to though. Eventually he had to. So with a deep breath to steel himself, Loki walked up the rope bridge and to the entrance of their makeshift chambers.

Laufey was lying down on the furs, skimming through the book of Asgard tales with a bored expression on his face. He was turning the pages too fast to be really reading them. He glanced up as Loki blocked the light.

For a moment they just stared at each other. Loki stood stiffly at the door and the King lay propped up on his elbow.

Loki tried to say his apology, but the words stuck in his throat. He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t humble himself to Laufey, not for anything. His mind found an alternative.

“It was implied that I had to ask for your permission to take part in the Hunt.” He said.

Laufey looked surprised.

“Who said that?” He asked, sitting up properly.

“Kwall. I’ve since been informed that he was probably just concerned for me, as it was my first Hunt.”

“Probably.” Laufey agreed carefully. “But I will speak to him.”

Loki scowled.

“Why does it have to be you? Why can’t I do it? What exactly do I need your permission for anyway?”

That last part was almost shouted. Laufey carefully put the book aside.

“Very little actually.” He answered. “Jotunheim has laws which you must obey, as does everyone else, but as long as you do so there is little that requires my express permission. I would suggest that you discuss any actions with me at this early stage but once you are familiar with law and custom you shouldn’t *need* to ask my permission for anything.”

Loki frowned.

“Need? But it is still strongly suggested?” He said, his voice bitter.

“I would prefer it if you asked before purchasing any large areas of land or deciding to renovate the castle from top to bottom but I do not think that is an unreasonable request.”

“You’re safe there, I don’t have any money.” Loki said pointedly.

Laufey looked surprised.

“No, you don’t do you? That was not by design. Your money is the royal family’s money. You can ask the servants to fetch you some if you want to spend it directly, or you can direct them to pay for things on your behalf in the case of larger orders. The royal family has a reputation for always paying for their goods.”

Loki took a very small step through the doorway.

“What if I want to train every day?”

“Do you?”


“Then by all means go ahead. But the queen is still expected to attend the Afternoon Audience and Justice Hearings, I would hope you would choose to train around that.”

“What about in the morning, when you are handling the realm business?”

“The presence of the queen is not required by custom, but I enjoy your input. I would like you to be there.”

Loki took another small step. Laufey didn’t move. He felt like he was trying to capture a wild Mau. Of course sitting still was hardly his favourite activity.

“Can I go to the city without you?” Loki asked suspiciously.

“Yes, but you should take some guards. *I* take guards as an escort, it is expected, both for your protection and as a show of strength to the people. *They* expect it of us, it makes them feel as though things are being done properly.” Laufey explained.

“Can I stay overnight in a tavern?” Loki asked suddenly.

“Do you want to?” Laufey asked incredulously. What did the Asgard get up to?

“That’s irrelevant, can I?”

“I suppose so, but it will cause comment among the people. I…would strongly advise against it.”

“So you’d stop me?” Loki said, folding his arms.

“I would come and ask you why you wanted to bed down in a tavern when you have a perfectly good castle to sleep in but no, I would not stop you.” Laufey said.

“What if I did it every night?” Loki challenged.

Laufey frowned at that.

“I suppose I would have to join you.” He said. “So please make sure you choose a decent tavern.”

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Loki is not Laufrey's son 17a (mental non-con)(physical dub? con)(massive internal conflict)


2012-09-13 10:00 am (UTC)

Loki opened his eyes slowly. They felt dry and horrible, although not nearly as horrible as his tongue, which appeared to have grown its own fur. He groaned and tried to remember what had happened last night. He had a vague memory of hugging Laufey from behind. Had that happened? He wasn't sure.

His noise and movement woke Laufey beside him, who let out a groan of his own. He looked down and for a second they shared a look of familiar understanding, which was shattered as Thrym threw back the fur door-cover from outside.

"Good morning!" He announced brightly.

Loki and Laufey groaned in unison, covering their eyes with their hands.

"Go away Thrym, we're asleep." Laufey said.

He reached down, grabbed a handful of fur and pulled it up over both their heads.

"Breakfast is ready brother, and I've brought you the Cure."

Laufey pulled the fur down enough to peek out suspiciously. Loki grabbed a handful of fur and pulled it down far enough to do the same.

"What cure?" He asked.

Laufey shuddered.

"An evil concoction that takes away the pain of Ber-morn. It tastes foul, but it works really well." He said, keeping his voice soft.

Thrym's grin widened as he brought over two cups.

"I had mine already." He said. "As you can see it is amazing stuff."

Loki took one of the cups and sniffed it. The smell made him gag horribly.

Laufey took the other cup, braced himself and swallowed the mixture down. He coughed once or twice but managed to keep from rejecting it.

Loki moaned, torn between his aching head and the smell of the Cure. Finally he screwed up his courage and took a large swallow.

He gagged violently and almost lost the contents of his stomach but managed to just ride the wave of nausea until it ended.

Thrym handed him a piece of breakfast roll.

"It'll take the taste away." He said when Loki made to push it away.

Loki shot him a dark look and took a bite. Laufey was already chewing, he looked better already.

Less than fifteen minutes after waking they were able to walk unaided and without any headaches to the camp floor, where they joined in the communal breakfast.

Most Jotun were eating easily, but there were a few here and there who had obviously been unable, or unwilling to take the Cure. They were looking a little worse for wear.

"The Draphts will be here tomorrow morning." Laufey said. "We will spend today preparing for their arrival."

Loki nodded as he chewed.

"I'll go and ask Kwall what spells they use." He said.

He got up and walked over to where the head sorcerer was sitting with the others. Kwall looked worried as Loki approached.

"Good morning." Loki said in greeting and sat down opposite him.

"Your Majesty. I do apologise for any problems I may have caused yesterday, I did not mean to give offense." Kwall began.

Loki waved his words away.

"It's fine, it's over. I want to talk to you about the spells we're going to use."

"Ah yes. Well, it is a co-ordinated effort between us all. There are two main spells that we will use. One to prevent the individual Draphts from seeing their herd-mates and the other to prevent them seeing us. That way the spears will be a surprise and they will hopefully be struck before they realise they are under attack. They can panic if they feel threatened and we don't want them to stampede and trample their young."

"Right. Which spell do you want me to cast?"

"Are you able to cast upon a moving target?"


"Then perhaps you should cast upon one of the Draphts to prevent them from seeing their herd-mates. Lohals and Grid will be casting the vanishing spell over the group. After breakfast I will get Alsvin to show you the spell. It is an easy one to cast, but it takes skill to keep it focused on a moving target, especially one that is under attack."

"Sounds good." Loki said.

Kwall was looking at him intently. His frowned in puzzlement but Kwall quickly looked away.

Loki is not Laufrey's son 18a (non-con)(massive internal conflict)(PTSD)


2012-09-14 07:21 am (UTC)

Loki crawled from his bed the next morning. He was weary from the day before but he was determined not to show it as the hunters once again gathered at the edge of the corridor.

He settled into position and waited once again for the Draphts to make their crossing.

The day turned out to be disappointing, a steady line of Draphts made their way through the narrow passage in the ice but none were deemed big enough to Hunt.

After a time the children got bored and began to play games at the back of the camp. Loki could hear them as they ran about. The hunters didn't stop them or call them back.

He cast the vanishing spell over the third Drapht until it was out of sight and then waited until Kwall tapped him on the shoulder to indicate the next Drapht to enter would be his again.

By the end of the day the sorcerers were exhausted and the hunters restless, they retired back to the camp for dinner.

"I happens." Thrym said. "The really big ones don't come through all at once. There will be more days like this, and more days like the first."

Loki nodded sleepily. He didn't object when Laufey pulled him into his lap and started feeding him, he was too tired to do it himself.

Later Laufey lay him down on the furs and nipped at his neck. Loki grumbled and rolled away.

"Go way, m' tired." He mumbled.

"I know, but we missed yesterday." Laufey said quietly in his ear. "I'll be quick."

Loki pulled a face as Laufey rolled him onto his back and spread his knees apart.

Loki sighed and looked away as he felt Laufey fill him. The king rocked his hips back and forth building up to a fast rhythm. Loki's body jerked slightly with every thrust.

The movement reminded him sharply of the first time Laufey took him, violently and without mercy. For a moment he was back there, hands pinned, body helpless.

He cried out in fear and pushed frantically against Laufey's chest.

"Stop! Stop! Please stop!" He gasped.

Laufey stilled and looked down out him. Loki kept pushing helplessly against his chest.

"Off, get off, please!" He cried, kicking his legs frantically and helplessly in the air.

Laufey pulled out of him and rolled to the side. Loki's eyes were almost circular with panic and his breath came in shallow gasps.

He pressed his legs together and brought his knees up toward his chest.

"Loki?" Laufey asked quietly.

He reached out gently toward Loki's shoulder. Loki flinched slightly when he was touched but did not pull away.

"Don't go fast." He whispered. "Please don't go fast."

"I won't, Loki I won't." Laufey whispered.

He gently slid his hand under Loki's body until he could rub his back. It was a common comforting move among Jotun. Loki lay stiffly as he rubbed.

After a few minutes Laufey rolled Loki onto his side and drew him into a hug.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. "Loki I'm sorry."

Loki relaxed in miniscule amounts. His breathing slowed and he finally seemed to uncurl. Laufey didn't move the whole time, just made slow circular motions across Loki's back as time ticked by.

There was one slight problem though, it was lying between them, a clear reminder that they had been in the middle of something. It was also making Laufey very uncomfortable. He still didn't move. It took almost every ounce of willpower he had, but he didn't move.

Finally, when he was sure Loki had slipped into sleep, he carefully rolled over to his other side and took care of himself. The sight of his spilled seed made him sigh in disappointment. It should be in Loki, but that reaction had been frightening. Loki had calmed so much during Laufey's attentions that the sudden terror that invaded his features had been a terrifying shock.

Laufey rolled back to face his mate and gently gathered him up into an embrace. Mentally calculating his Rules for Loki.

1. Provide steps for his chair.
2. Don't underestimate his power OR temper.
3. No going fast.

He reached out and gently stroked Loki's hair. Loki was worth it. Loki was...was...*Loki*.

Loki is not Laufrey's son 19a (mental non-con)(physical dub? con)(massive internal conflict)


2012-09-15 12:01 pm (UTC)

It took over an hour to make their way from the Prur and to the castle. Laufey was in fine form, reaching out to touch hands with the Jotun citizens as he walked through the crowd to the castle gates. But once inside his face became serious as his brother and hunt-regent, Vindsval came hurrying over.

“Well? What happened?” He asked as they made their way to the throne room.

Vindsval flinched but he knew what Laufey was asking.

“Their arrival was expected, your Majesty. I met them myself in the throne room and explained that the Queen had not yet returned from the Hunt. Queen Frigga was disappointed and asked if she might return again once he was present. I did not know whether you would allow it so I told her I would ask once the Hunt had returned. Um, then, ah, a guard-”

“Which guard?” Laufey asked sharply.

“Karrir, your Majesty.” Vindsval said nervously.

Karrir was their much younger brother and the head guard of one of the castle squads. He had never been good at any kind of kingdom or land management but was a superb fighter and knew it. He had gotten himself into trouble more than once over the centuries for his brash attitude and boastful ways.

“Fetch him.” Laufey said to a nearby servant.

The servant disappeared as Laufey turned back to Vindsval.

“Go on.” He said.

“Prince Thor was clearly unsettled. He was glaring at us all and was clearly unhappy when I told him that the Queen was unavailable. Karrir said something.”

“What?!” Snapped Loki from beside Laufey.

“I, um, didn’t hear it.” Vindsval said.

“Nobody seems to have heard it.” Loki said darkly.

Laufey took a deep breath.

“Then what happened?” He asked.

It was clear by the tone of his voice that he was losing patience. Vindsval flinched.

“Prince Thor told him to retract it. He, ah, didn’t.”

“Vindsval, I am losing patience with you.” Laufey said.

Vindsval’s eyes widened in fear and spoke quickly.

“Karrir goaded him further, I ordered him to stop but he ignored me. He only said that he would not bow to an Asgard. Prince Thor began to leave with his mother but Karrir pushed him as he went out the door. Prince Thor turned and struck him, they fought as the Queen and her, ah, handmaiden left. The guards went to help Karrir and their presence cut off Queen Frigga’s exit. Her handmaiden turned out to be a warrior and fought through them. They fled to the Bifrost and escaped.”

“Given that they were not prisoners I feel escaped is not the best way to describe their exit.” Laufey said as Loki tensed beside him.

Vindsval flinched again.

“I am sorry your Majesty, I tried to control it but they are Asgard, their presence is an insult to all of us.”

Laufey heard Loki growl beside him. He put a hand out to try and stop any rash moves as Karrir approached. He was striding forwards with nothing less that total arrogance. Laufey stared him down but Karrir either did not notice or did not care.

“Karrir, what did you say to Prince Thor?” Laufey asked.

Karrir sneered.

“I told him that if he was afraid of us then perhaps he shouldn’t have come.” He said proudly.

Laufey frowned.

“Then I told him if he wanted to leave the handmaiden behind I’d find a use for her.” He said with an insulting smile.

“And you thought I would approve of this?” Laufey asked him incredulously.

Karrir shrugged.

“They are Asgard, they are nothing but savages.” He said.

Laufey gritted his teeth in anger. Karrir had always been arrogant, but his skill in battle had made him believe he was immune to punishment.

“That is unacceptable.” He snapped.

“Your little mate has addled your brains brother.” Karrir said. “You shouldn’t let any more of them come to our land, they dirty it with their presence.”

Laufey’s eyes widened considerably. Whatever the siblings said to one another it was always done privately, it was one of the oldest rules and kept a united front for the sake of the people.

Loki is not Laufrey's son 20a (mental non-con)(physical dub? con)(massive internal conflict)


2012-09-17 12:32 pm (UTC)

The next few days past by in a blur. The Celebrations traditionally began five days after the hunters returned. They lasted for ten days. Ten days of wild drinking, dancing, feasting and fun. Loki found it hard to believe.

“Ten whole days? Non stop? When do we sleep?”

“You can sleep whenever you need to, there’s no strict time.” Laufey said with a smile. “This is the most plentiful time of the year. We Celebrate now or not at all, and we do not like to miss any more than we have to.”

They made their way down through the passageway to Utgard. Most of the preparations had been made in their absence and now they were going down to see the result.

Loki followed Laufey through the gateway and down the long stairway. He was fighting the rising sense of nervousness that had been growing ever since they’d received Odin’s reply to their invitation. He couldn’t help but worry about how Thor would act surrounded by endless Ber and drunk Jotuns. He had to hope that Thor had learned his lesson in the brief time since his last visit, or that he could be controlled by their friends.

They reached the gateway and walked through. Loki stopped in his tracks, his eyes widening in wonder as his mouth dropped open.

The city had been transformed. There were ice sculptures everywhere depicting various hunters and mythical creatures. The streets had been swept clean of snow and the buildings themselves had been decorated with icicles. Big ones, small ones, a whole spectrum of different shapes. Loki couldn’t take it all in.

“It’s…beautiful.” He said.

Laufey smiled broadly.

“You should see the main square.” He said. “They always do a good job.”

They walked through the busy streets. Loki turned his head in every possible direction trying to take it all in. The halls of Asgard had never looked like this. They had always favoured smooth lines and golden sheen. Utgard was a winter wonderland, a silver and white paradise. The closest thing Loki could compare it to was the fancy decorations the cooks sometimes put on the special cakes. He felt as though he was walking through the grandest of them all.

The children were playing again. Ducking forwards and jumping back with equal parts determination and fear. One young child almost got grabbed by the guard but made it back just in time. His friends cheered and patted him on the back.

Then Helblindi appeared. He looked cheerful and confidant as he stepped past the guards and stood before the King.

“General Thrym sent me to tell you that he is in the square, and that the artists have arrived.” He said seriously.

Laufey nodded graciously.

“Thankyou Helblindi, we will be there directly.”

Loki heard the impressed sounds from the children, some of whom looked to be Helblindi’s age. Clearly his magical way of bypassing the guards had made an impact. Loki couldn’t help but smile.

Laufey saw his look and grinned. The whole mood of Jotunheim was one of delight and anticipation. It was as though everyone had forgotten Måne which had almost reached the sun now as it chased it across the sky. Loki feared it, he couldn’t imagine spending a hundred days underground without even a letter from his family.

Today though Måne was far from his mind as he walked with Laufey to the central square.

“Artists?” He asked.

Laufey rested a hand on Loki’s furthermost shoulder as they walked.

“Yes artists, they come from all corners of the realm and demonstrate their abilities on the main square. People then hire them to create the body decorations.”

“What body decorations?” Loki asked, suddenly wary.

Laufey sighed and gave his shoulder a squeeze.

“It is traditional, you will look fine.”

“What body decorations?!” Loki asked with alarm.

He was imagining Thor’s reaction to seeing him *decorated*.

“We decorate ourselves with the scales of the Draphts. The artists create the most beautiful designs.”

Loki is not Laufrey's son 21a (mental non-con)(physical dub? con)(massive internal conflict)


2012-09-21 10:36 am (UTC)

Laufey had left nothing to chance. The throne room had been decorated from top to bottom, the best and softest foods were laid out and there was enough Ber to get the crowd wonderfully drunk.

The crowd itself had been handpicked. They were steady, calm and most of all, totally loyal to Laufey. Loyal enough to be civil to the Asgard even when their heads were spinning with alcohol. There were also more than enough of them to give the appearance of a grand celebration, even though this entire event was an act designed to reflect the real thing.

There were several of Lauefy’s siblings and their partners, Thrym and Goupr and the best of Thrym’s guards. Helblindi had been asked to attend as well. He was shaking slightly with nerves at the thought of meeting his first Asgard.

Loki jumped as the light of the Bifrost lit up in the distance. He almost ran to the castle gate to meet them, the old artist following on crooked legs.

Frigga saw him first, she was used to his blue skin by now and her face split into a wide grin at the sight of his shimmering decorations. Her arms were filled with Cristolape blossoms.


She shoved the blossoms into Sif’s arms and threw her arms around him.

Loki hugged her hard. He’d missed her so much.

“It’s good to see you mother.” He said.

He pulled back and looked over at Thor, who was staring at him, thunderstruck. Loki realised that Thor had never actually seen his blue skin, let alone the scaled pattern that adorned him.

“Brother?” Thor said.

Loki grinned at his big, shocked face.

“Yes Thor, I am your brother.” He said.

Thor only hesitated a moment more before throwing his arms around Loki and pulling him into a tight embrace.

“Loki you look so different.” He said as he squeezed.

“Wait until you see your pattern.” Loki managed to get out with the little air remaining in his lungs.

Thor pulled back suddenly.

“What?” He said warily.

“You have to have a scale pattern, it’s traditional.” Loki said, eyes sparkling as the old artist stepped forward with an evil grin.

The Asgard couldn’t remove their thick winter coats, but the artist just stuck the scales in different patterns across their backs. He took more care with their faces and hands. Thor and Fandral’s moustaches had tiny scales stuck along their length and Volstagg’s entire beard shimmered with the old artist’s talent. At Loki’s request, Thor’s neck had a pattern made of a two stroke rune that made the faces of the Jotun who saw it go carefully blank.

Once properly decorated the Asgard party were led into the throne room, where Laufey sat on his throne and tried not to look nervous. It had been thousands of years since Jotunheim had officially hosted a foreign party and this one was happening solely to make his mate happy.

And Loki *was* happy. He was smiling as he walked in with his mother and brother.

Laufey took a deep breath and stood.

“Welcome to Jotunheim, people of Asgard. I hope you will enjoy our Celebration.” He said formally.

To his surprise, it was Thor who stepped forward.

“Your Majesty, I…apologise for my behaviour at my last visit. I thank you for extending you invitation to us and I vow not to cause any trouble tonight.” Thor said.

His face was a slightly deeper shade of pink than normal as he talked.

Laufey nodded.

“I accept your apology Prince of Asgard.” He said graciously.

Laufey made a gesture and the Jotun began to serve Ber and food. Loki pulled his mother and brother to the side and sat down with them.

Laufey sat down again and surveyed the Asgard party.

They were standing together looking around nervously, all but one that is. The heavy one named Volstagg had begun to try the foods. It took a trained eye to see the way he never turned his back on the Jotun guards even as he filled his mouth.

The four warriors looked to be Loki’s friends, although the female was Frigga’s ‘handmaiden’ and could be here as her guard. The final member of the party was a tall thin Asgard who looked like the most relaxed of the bunch.

Loki is not Laufrey's son 22a (non-con)(massive internal conflict)


2012-09-22 12:30 pm (UTC)

Thrym had been put on extra rations. He had tried to insist that he didn't need them yet but Laufey was firm.

"I want a strong nephew, no arguments." He said firmly.

Despite his new urgency with Loki he was calm and caring with his brother. No sign of jealousy marred his behaviour. Loki was the only one who saw how much Thrym's condition affected his brother.

On the twelfth day since they had sealed the tunnels, Loki had had enough.

“Stop touching me.” He said quietly and dangerously into Laufey’s ear as they lay under the furs with the others.

Laufey retracted the hand that had been stroking down Loki’s leg. He looked down at the angry expression on Loki’s face.

“We already spend every waking moment rutting like animals, you can afford to let me go now and again.” Loki hissed.

Laufey looked hurt.

“I’m sorry.” He murmured into Loki’s ear.

Loki turned his back on him.

The days had grown steadily colder. Loki had resorted to wearing his winter clothes at all times to keep warm. Their breath could now be seen in the frigid air and the servants had several slim heat crystals tied to their bodies to take with them everywhere to prevent them from succumbing to the cold.

On the surface the sun wasn’t even fully obscured yet. Loki hoped desperately that Heimdall could see the state of the surface and warn Odin not to send the army, it would be disastrous.

The winds were howling furiously above their heads. Little Býleistr hated the noise and would cuddle into his parents and whimper at the loud bangs that echoed through the tunnels.

Loki spent the days reading and trying not to count how long it had been. He was restless, but couldn’t go anywhere. It was far too cold to waste heat crystals with just wandering around. Instead he slept as often as he could, working on the theory that the Darkening would go faster if he did.

There was one unintended side effect to Loki’s new clothing. One night as he shifted in his sleep, Laufey’s hand slipped away from Loki’s skin.

Loki began to change back to his Asgard form. It started from his fingertips and began to creep up toward his hands. It took a few seconds but then Loki’s eyelids fluttered and opened. He yelped in pain and sat up, holding his hands out in front of him.

Laufey woke and saw the pink skin blistering. He reached forward and grabbed Loki’s wrists as Thrym yelled for the servants to fetch Puluk. The spread of Odin’s spell reversed under Laufey’s touch. Loki bit his lip at the pain as the blisters rose up along his fingers. Goupr grabbed the draught bottle from where it lay near a heat crystal to prevent it from freezing and poured a measure. He held it up to Loki’s lips.

Puluk came at a run, he hadn’t even pulled on his own crystal vest and was already shivering as he knelt by Loki’s side.

“You’ll n-n-need an oint-tment and y-you’ll h-have to h-have your h-hands b-bandaged.” He stuttered. “I’ll f-fetch it.”

“Put on your vest as soon as you get there.” Laufey said as Puluk rose to fetch what he needed from the healer’s cave.

He hadn’t let go of Loki’s wrists.

Puluk nodded.

“Y-yes your M-majesty.” He said and set off at a run.

Loki was still looking at his hands in shock when Puluk returned. He submitted to the bandaging without complaint. The air in the tunnels was cold enough to blister Asgard skin. He couldn’t imagine what the surface must be like.

Laufey ordered the servants to wake Loki every quarter day to drink the draught, no exceptions. He spent the rest of the night holding Loki tightly to his chest. Neither one of them slept as the hours ticked by.

With his hands bandaged, Loki was even more miserable than before. Now he couldn’t feed himself, or turn the pages of a book or, to his horror, use the toilet without assistance. He spent most of each day resisting the urge to break down and cry. He missed his family, he missed Asgard, he missed everything and he hated this miserable place.

Loki is not Laufrey's son 23a (mental non-con)(physical dub? con)(massive internal conflict)


2012-09-23 12:23 pm (UTC)

Laufey waited until the next day before asking Loki if he would come to their chambers. Loki followed him reluctantly. When they arrived he slumped down against one wall and stared at Laufey, waiting for the inevitable.

To his surprise Laufey sat down opposite him and settled against the fur.

“I’m sorry for, uh, rutting like an animal.” He said, wincing slightly at Loki’s choice of phrasing.

Loki gave him a surprised look.

“Thrym’s news, while wonderful, uh, upset me a little, a lot.” Laufey continued.

“I noticed.” Loki said flatly.

Laufey sat in silence.

“You want to do it again, don’t you?” Loki said.

Laufey indicated that kind of, what with needing an heir and all, yes he did.

Loki rolled his eyes.

“I think I’ve made my feelings clear.” He said.

“I know.” Laufey said quietly, and a little sadly.

Loki shifted in place. His hands were still bandaged, the healing Puluk had worked on them had sped up the process, but with so many of the smaller Jotuns beginning to suffer from the cold he couldn’t afford to give any more than the minimum, for anyone.

“I know you need this.” Loki said carefully. “I know Jotunheim needs this. But I don’t want this. I *want* another ice maiden to take my place.”

“There isn’t another one.”


“Maybe when I am a very old man.”

“You’re already my father’s age.”

“Yes, which is something I assure you I cannot control.”

“So I’m really it.”

“Yes Loki.”

“What were you going to do when you thought I was lost?”

“I was going to try and change the world. I’m not convinced it would have worked.”


“To be honest? I was going to attack Asgard, take back the casket and order my men to bring back Odin’s head to Utgard on a spike. Then I was going to declare the one who slayed him my heir. Admittedly, I was going to wait until Helblindi was old enough to be a part of the invasion. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and you need more than brute strength and prowess in battle to rule a kingdom.”

“I know that.” Loki muttered, thinking of his own actions in preventing Thor from taking the throne.

Those same actions had brought him here, although he’d *planned* on their father bringing them back before they actually reached the Jotun castle.

“Thrym and Goupr would have helped him without him realising it. The people, hopefully, would stand behind a hero and a warrior. But there was no guarantee. The second I am gone there will be people who would rise up against him despite what I do. I had hoped only to leave him the most stable realm possible so that he had a real chance of keeping us from total war. Battles and death would be inevitable for some.” Laufey continued.

Loki frowned.

“And now that plan is moot?”

“The people will not accept him knowing you are alive. Your child will be the next ruler of Jotunheim.”

“Not if it’s not yours.” Loki said.

Laufey looked uncomfortable.

“Not exactly.” He admitted.

“What?!” Loki said in astonishment.

“It’s supposed to be mine, tradition and custom demand it. But I am pretty sure there have been a few changes in royal bloodline in the past. We don’t talk about it.” Laufey said.

“I’ll bet, you’re not really royal.” Loki said.

“I rule this realm, the people do not suffer under me, all in all I think I can be royal enough for that.” Laufey said. “Nothing has ever been proven but my great, great, great grandmother suddenly began having children after two thousand years of trying. We’re pretty sure the king was sterile, as his, um, close friend never had a child.”

“Close friend?”

“We’re not supposed to, but arranged marriages don’t always work out.” Laufey said, his voice had a tinge of sadness to it.

“Really?” Loki said sarcastically.

Laufey sighed regretfully.

“I’m pretty sure the true father was a relative of the king, I can’t imagine they would let the queen lie with just anyone.”

Loki hunched down against the fur.

“Which leads us back to the problem at hand. You need an heir, I’m the only ice maiden you’ve got. Therefore I get the wonderful honour of filling up your castle with little Laufeys.”

“I’ve been hoping for a few little Lokis myself.” Laufey said softly.

He shifted onto his knees.

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